So as a Pro...

I began seeing students doing great during lessons and then I wanted them to have something to take with them so they could feel what good players felt and practice at home.  I began finding old “lost and found” drivers and putting a head cover on the end and duct taping it on.  I’d hand one to my students and send them on their way knowing that the extra weight would probably get them to drop the club to the inside (on Swing Plane) and improve their swing.  What I learned was that the head cover provided resistance during the swing and almost all of the people said they hit it farther when they came back. 

A lot of students went out and bought resistance training aids for golf after this, but none of them said they really hit it any farther after buying them.  They did comment on the endurance and the slight strength increase they got.  One of my students kept putting more and more duct tape on the club until the graphite shaft broke while he was swinging.  (Always use a steel shafted driver).  He said he noticed very little actual distance and said he hit a plateau as far as distance and speed.   There was that word again, “plateau.”  Where had I seen that before?      


Ah ha moment

It hit me later that day when I was playing golf.  “I think I got it.”  My buddy said, “Got what?” I said,“I’ve got the way for every golfer on the planet to hit it farther and straighter!”  “Sure ya do,” he said sarcastically.  We finished the round and I knew I had to figure this out.  That began my new quest to see how far and straight I could hit a golf ball in 30, 60, 90 days.  I never used any of the technology of today (like A-1, Trackman or Flight-scope), but simply the eyeball test to see how much farther it went.  So in the winter of 2001, I put together the first attempts to make a distance device.  I already knew the mechanics of the swing, thanks to a lot of time on the range, but I needed to understand power as it relates sport specifically to golf.


“Power” refers to the combined factors of strength x speed. 

“Strength” refers to how much force can be applied (when lifting or moving a heavy weight as  opposed to a lighter one.)  But Strength alone is not indicative of Speed. 

“Speed” refers to how fast you can move or lift something.  But Speed alone is not indicative of Strength. 

Therefore,   POWER is really how much force can be applied x how fast you can move it.   


My problem:

I needed to find a product out there that would help me with Power in the swing AND still help me hit it straight.  Guess what I found, NOBODY had one!  I was stunned!   I first checked the largest golf swing training/product company in the country - Medicus® – Nope.   I checked the entire Internet – Nope.  I checked Longdrivers sites and Blogs – Nope.  Seriously, I was stunned!!!  NOBODY had one!!! 

My invention: 

So I decided to INVENT a product that made you FUNDAMENTALLY swing the club RIGHT, BUT ACTUALLY made you FASTER ?  It took about 20 prototypes and a lot of failures, but I finally did it!  I had just invented the first product that made you straighter and farther in Golf at the same time!

After, I patented the product and I needed to test my product in real life situations so READ “Does it Work?” and find out what happened.


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