PHIL NAYLOR (Professional Golfer) "The UST is an amazing swing aid, after being on the program for just two weeks, I have added 5 mph more in clubhead speed, while also improving the fundamentals of my golf swing. You've gotta luv that! Look out this year people!"

TOM BEELER (Director of Golf, PGA professional and host of the Tom and Tom Golf Show in Pittsburgh) "I met Mike at the golf show in Pittsburgh while we were giving free lessons to people who wanted them. One gentlemen came up to me and said,"he had sliced for 30 years so I probably couldn't help him". I thought let's see so after a few attempts I knew he would need ALOT of lessons! I walked him over to The Ultimate Swing Trainer booth and asked them to help him. He returned to hit balls to see if it had helped. His first shot was a little thin, but to the utter amazement of 3 PGA pros standing their and myself, his next 3 shots were on plane and dead straight! It was unbelievable and if I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't of believed it too!!! I would say good luck, but you already know you don't need luck with The Ultimate Swing Trainer. In my opinion, the greatest swing trainer ever invented!"

CHUCK MAYHEW (30 year PGA professional) "Great product! So easy to use and setup! I felt the power, I felt the speed, but most importantly all of the movements were correct. Easy to learn with instant feedback! There is NO comparison to other golf training aids out there. I have a few students in mind that I will use this on for my next lessons. It's great because you can take it anywhere and you don't need to be on a range to be learning and feeling the right movements."

BRIAN BOOHER (Titleist Performance Institute - PGA Certified KVEST 3D Certified)  "As a PGA professional, I have seen many products that work on balance, strength, speed, or technique. But until now,  I have never seen one that encompasses all.  By combining golf fitness with swing technique you know you are working the right muscles and doing it the right way."

DENNY APPEL (36 year PGA Teaching Professional)  "The Ultimate Swing Trainer® teaching aid will provide a combination of technique, power, and speed training for both beginning and experienced golfers. It is fantastic in its effectiveness and simplicity!"

JEFF BILLS (PGA member since 1999)  "This training aid is THE FIRST that blends the mechanics of the golf swing and helps increase your clubhead speed. Its One of a kind!  If you are serious about gaining distance and focusing on your golf swing this is the The Best training aid for you."

GERRY HAMMOND (15 year PGA Professional)  "It Develops proper foundation, stability, strength and speed. Reinforces proper club path and feel all in the comfort of your own home. Being a PGA pro and full time instructor it's THEE best training aide that I've ever used. It's the only training  aide that builds and strengthens so many components of the golf swing at once. I thought I had seen it all now I think I have!"

WOODY (Golf professional)  "I love the stretching it gives me. I see a lot of poor swings and this will help any level of player achieve what every golfer wants... to hit it longer and straighter. I will have all of my students to get one of these. Really easy to use, effortless power."

THOMAS SCOTT (Golf professional)  "I love it! It helps with fitness and injury prevention.  When you build muscles in the proper firing sequence and the surrounding stabilizers it prevents injures big time! It will add years to any one's game. Great fitness aspect too. Its helps me most to develop the FEEL and train me to correctly hold the lag. Thus fixing post impactand foot work will be the glue to stop my problems. Its perfect because I can set how much resistance I need on every exercise. This thing isincredible. Well done Mike."

JOHN "ROCKY" NELSON (Golf Coach of Columbus State & Lifetime PGA Professional)  ""This is wonderful teaching aid and something that will teach proper form, mechanics, speed, weight shift, power and eliminate anyone's Slice - So simple and so incredible. I use it everyday at home."

KEN SANFORD (Professional Golfer)  ""This is a game-changer. I'm nothing short of astounded at how great this is! When I first read the claims you make about it, I was a bit skeptical, but it really is THAT good! Thank you so much for a truly great product."




BRIAN PAVLET (World Long Drive Champion and Golf Entertainer) "The Ultimate Swing Trainer is Amazing! What it can do us unlike anything that has ever been invented for golf. I use it onstage at all of my golf shows to show people positions, answer questions and to make people aware of the endless ways it can help them on their games. I don't recommend this to people I walk them over to the booth at the show and tell them to get it."

STEVE GRIFFITH (Super Senior World Long Drive Champion) "Incredible! The Ultimate Swing Trainer always helps me to feel the golf swing, build strength and speed all at the same time! The product is soooooooo good and it will absolutely fool you to believe you could buy this or make this, but trust me you can't! Mike has put together the best swing trainer ever invented and has also designed a program for anyone young or old to use. Want accuracy - check, strength - check, lag - check, power - check, balance - check, speed - check, techniques - check, portability - check, Do I like it? Nope, I love it!"

DREW GARZILLO (World Long Drive Competitor and professional golfer) "It's like it was sent from God to help every golfer hit it straighter and farther. Mike has Broken The Code on Distance and is light years ahead of anyone in golf. Using The Ultimate Swing Trainer is the biggest NO BRAINER on planet earth!"

AARON MANSFIELD (4th at the 2012 Re/max World Long Drive Championships) "The Ultimate Swing Trainer is a A+++++ in my book! It works the left and the right side of the body together simultaneously to give the exact feeling you need to play golf or hit it farther. I threw out all of my swing trainers, parachutes, weighted clubs because I know they are useless to help me increase speed. Buy this people - buy it! You are nuts if you don't and I don't get a dime to say this."

SCOTT SMITH (World Record Holder at 539 yards. 11 time World Finalists)  ""As a personal trainer, and a professional long drive competitor, a major part of my training for myself and clients is golf specific. This golf trainer has become a very important part of my program, for myself and clients."

CHAD KLEIN (World Long Drive Competitor)  ""I've been told that if I want to hit it farther, I need to increase lag in my golf swing. The ultimate swing trainer not only helps me with lag, but keeps me on plane while strengthening my core, all adding up for longer drives. I love it!"

MAT VILADE  (World Championship Grid record holder @ 473 yards + 4 time Re/Max World Championship Competitior + Multiple LD Victories) "As a full time professional Long Driver with over 40 corporate outings a year, it is essential that my swing is always powerful and accurate. This product is a breakthrough for all golfers.  I have seen the improvement  in my swing and I can’t imagine what it would do to normal golfer’s distances.  I would highly recommend this for all golfers.”  





KIM OGG (20 hcp golfer) "Mike all I can say is wow this thing is an excellent training aid I have used it two or three weeks on the drills and I have never been able to make my backswing so far. I played golf the first day after the winter and shot 15 shots lower than the year before! I haven't hit a ball all winter either. I don't care what it looks like, but I do care what does it do...and this is nothing short of incredible!"

JAMES PRICE (2 hcp golfer) "Before I started training I was all over the place.....over the top, inconsistent, peaking in the high 120's. After a week I was in the low-mid 120's BUT I was feeling out my swing. Now I'm mid-130's and very consistent...with the occasional freak ball swing of 140+! Needless to say, IT'S WORKING!!!!"

KEN SANFORD (Former NHL player) "I'm sure by now you've got a ton of these, but let me add mine to the pile. Last year I averaged right around 270 yards. From using the UST and following your recommended workouts I missed driving the green on #2 at Evergreen CC by about 10 yards. The hole is 365 uphill... I wouldn't believe this is possible if I wasn't experiencing it myself. WOW!"

JAMIE BROTHERWOOD (13 hcp Golfer) "My brother Neil and both bought The Ultimate Swing Trainer mid January hoping to get better at golf and to get ready for our annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach. We were expecting to do a little better, but what happened was nothing short of mind boggling. We finished out 3 day golf Trip shooting a combined 67 shots better (33 for Neil and 34 for me) We won the longest drive, closest to the pin and took home the victory by 28 shots!!!! Every single person asked what we did and we just smiled and said,"The Ultimate Swing Trainer! If there is anyone who plays golf and would like a guaranteed, no brainier in life, this is it!."

EDDIE WYATT (Intro video) "I wanted to let people know that I am significantly faster and straighter. I have improved my game so much some people can't even recognize my swing or me. They are stunned at the difference. Thanks Mike and The Ultimate Swing Trainer."

MIKE McMANN (Intro Video) "My swing is so much faster and on plane it feels like I'm not even swinging, but the ball goes so far and straight. I love it."

EDDIE COLON (Golfer) "This is the best swing trainer in the world! How do I know? because I have bought them all! I must have $2k worth of swing trainers, videos and literature on how to hit it farther. I started using The UST and my club head speed was around 110mph and now it's 135!!!! I hit it so much purer, straighter and farther it's effortless. I can't hit it bad even when I try. Mike is The Authority on Golf, not just distance in my book. Amazing!"

CHAD KLEIN (Golfer) "Mike you have changed the game! I have increased my club head speed from 137 to 142mph and hitting over 400 yards in competition. If you are not using this, you will be left behind!"

ZAC CARVER (8hcp Golfer) "Such an amazing breakthrough. You always hear pros say you have to think your way around the course, think about this, think about that, when you put in the designated time (2weeks) I have NO more swing thoughts! I literally just waggle and fire now! I doubted it until I owned it, never again Mr. Bauman thank you for making my golf courses shorter and a hell of a lot wider!"

SHAWN ADAMS (18 hcp Golfer) "I bought The UST about 4 weeks ago and my ball striking is simply amazing the difference! I can feel everything in my swing, but what's great is it literally does it by itself. My Distance is stupid now, I'm guessing 30-40 yards more, but I wanted to actually hit it straight and man did I get that! I LOVE THE ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER email me at .... and I'll tell you more."

AUSTIN KINCAID (Golfer) "I have used The Ultimate Swing Trainer for 6 weeks and I can say that after winning my first professional qualifier at 390 yards I can say without a doubt that everyone in golf should have one of these! Do you want to hit it farther and straighter? Improve your mechanics? Feel ya perfect golf swing for the first time? BUY THIS!!!! seriously, BUY IT! I have told all of my friends!"

JAMES EAST (winner of The Desert Launch) "A man of little words: Does The Ultimate Swing Trainer work, James? He just nods, smiles and holds up the trophy and says "Don't tell anyone."

TRAVIS HOLLAND (Golfer) "I'm up 6 mph in 6 weeks and I'm hitting it on a rope! How's that for a testimonial? You wanna do it to or be left in the dust?"

MIKE (14 hcp golfer)  "I can actually feel the correct swing. I feel like Iron Byron, but with power. Awesome!"

CORY (4 hcp golfer)  "That's incredible, that's as pure as I've hit it in a long, long time. Crazy power! The simplicity of swing is incredible now. There's no cheating it. It's flawless. It will give you the instant gratification that you're looking for. I'm excited to hit balls again."

TOM (20 hcp golfer)  "My (Over the Top) slice is now gone and I've had that for years! I want one now."

CINDY (New golfer)  "People who don't even know me walk up and tell me how nice my swing is. I say, "Thanks, I'm new at golf and I have been playing for only two months."  And they don't believe me."

RON (8 hcp golfer)  "I've tried every training device on the planet and this one is by far the best on every level. I can feel the LAG for the first time in my life!"

TREVOR (2 hcp golfer)  "I love it. That put me in the right position every time. I'm glad you brought it out of your basement so the rest of us could feel what you feel."

BOBBY (28 hcp golfer)  "I can feel that. Wow, is that what a golf swing feels like?"

CHRIS (14 hcp golfer)  "Flat out this is the best swing trainer in the world - Hands down. Accuracy and power together for the first time in a golf swing trainer - WOW!"


If you have a great story, testimonial or link to a video that we can share with others about The Ultimate Swing Trainer® then please email us your name and the details of your story at



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