If you are buying The Ultimate Swing Trainer ®, you probably have realized that:

1. There are no magic products that will make you 30 yards longer after just one use. Every single golf manufacturer comes out with a new club or ball every year that is supposed to make you 15 yards longer. If that was the case, everyone would hit the ball 600 yards by now.

2. Buying the newest driver probably isn't the answer.

3. Buying more useless training aids probably isn't the answer.

4. Traditional weight lifting in a gym probably isn't the answer.

5. Reading another Golf Magazine on "How to hit it 20 yards longer" probably isn't the answer.

6. Listening to a trainer who has never played or competed in golf probably isn't the answer.

7. Switching to a new golf ball isn't the answer either.


All of the swing training products on the market have some success to them and can help a little for strength or endurance, but ultimately you will plateau and you won't get longer. They can be used for those purposes only, but to get endless power and speed you will need the right tools to get there.



Adding weight or swinging a weighted club then removing it does not help in sustained long term speed results, as most products promise. Ever wonder why in baseball you warmed up with a weighted donut and then after you hit 10 balls in batting practice, the faster bat speed went away? It’s because you trick your body! You need speed all round long in golf, not one time at the plate like in baseball. This is how people trick you on their infomercials; “I picked up 3mph in minutes” or “I’m 15 yards longer in minutes” complete Crap !!! The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will not trick your body, it will make it, always perform at its best!

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Up to now, All Golf Swing Trainers are either fixing one of the problems in the golf swing or attempting to help you gain temporary speed.

Let me explain: If you buy some straps or something you put onto your body to help you correct some problem you have in your golf swing, that’s all it will do. It will not help you gain speed or power to help you hit it farther.

If you buy something to attach to your club or you buy a heavy club to help you with short term distance or power, that’s all it will do. It will not help you hit it straighter.

The Ultimate Swing Trainer® is the ONLY product in the World to combine Perfect Mechanics of the golf swing with Endless Power!



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