Who Uses The Ultimate Swing Trainer?


……100 PGA Teaching Professionals already teach with it!


Here are a few:

Chuck Mayhew (Lifetime PGA Professional)

John Martin (Lifetime PGA Professional)

Paul Hobart (PGA Teacher of the Year)

Tom Beeler (PGA Professional – ESPN Radio)

Brian Booher (PGA Pro and TPI and K-Vest)

Gerry Hammond (PGA Pro & Owner of Xempt Series Tour)

Martin Stecher (German Teaching Professional)

Denny Appel (Lifetime PGA Professional)

Jeff Bills (PGA Professional Military DSCC)

Brad Loomis (PGA Professional)

Jeff Crittenden (PGA Professional)

Rocky Nelson (Lifetime PGA Professional)

Steve Pratt (PGA Professional)

Paul Wilson (PGA Professional)


World Class Long Drive Champions WIN with it!

Bobby Wilson - 3x Re/Max World Long Drive Champion
Steve Griffith   - Re/Max World Long Drive Champion 
Brian Pavlet   - Re/Max World Long Drive Champion 
Joe Miller  - Re/Max World Long Drive Champion 
Houston Hair  - LDA Tour Winner (Tennessee Shootout) 
Kevin Shook  - LDA Tour Winner (Mile High Shootout) 
Aaron Mansfield  - LDA Tour Winner (Keystone Shootout) 
Matt Vilade  - Re/Max World Championships Grid Record
Scott Smith  - World Distance Record Holder 


Plus 63 of the 2011 Re/Max World Long Drive Championships Competitors !!!

……26 PGA, Nationwide and Senior Tour players use it!
(Do to Huge money sponsorships we can’t list them.)
But we can say, they were in All of the Tour stops this year and won 2 times!



Awards and Recognition:

Voted "The Best New Golf Product for 2012"

Won First 2 Professional Long Drive events in 2012!

Longest 4 Drives hit in competition in 2012!

Has 2 Professional Golf victories equally $1.2 million in payouts to date!

Has been sold in 11 countries

Well known golf schools are using it for teaching.

It's a featured product on www.hititlonger.com

Over 3000 + have been sold with almost no advertising!

“Golf Genius” “Best Swing Trainer Ever Invented” ”Game Changer”

“The Product, Program, DVD and Guide together are Brilliant!”

“Excellent for Beginners and Challenging for the Best in the World”


You will learn why it took years to develop our Product and Program and why it’s “So simple, yet so effective”


What can it do for you?

You can get 10, 20, 30, 40, 50……more yards – No matter what your age!
You can Stop Slicing in minutes with The Bauman Drill ® !
You can build a repeatable golf swing at home!
You can increase your flexibility in minutes a day!
You can develop strength in your golf muscles!
You can develop feel and lag in your golf swing!
You can develop fitness in your game!
You can develop perfect timing and sequencing!
You can develop incredible speed!
You can develop fantastic accuracy!
You can develop tremendous power!


We don’t just talk a good game. We back it up with Results and Victories!


Our Patented Product, World Class Program, Instructional DVD and Roadmap Training Guide will make you improve like you have never done before!


We give you a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not seeing the improvement!


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