We will teach you to swing like one of the greatest ball strikers of ALL – TIME!

WHAT is it? The Ultimate Swing Trainer® is the first swing trainer ever invented to improve your Accuracy and Distance all at once and all at the same time. This will dramatically speed up your learning curve to learn the correct swing.

Is learning a great golf swing instant? No way, but this will act like your personal teacher all the time at home. It takes time and patience to let your body learn the correct sequences that is needed for a good swing. It took years to build the swing you have now and in 30 days it will be totally different. We are building your swing on perfect mechanics, not hope! From every fiber of my body, I want you to get better and will not sell you crap then ride off into the sunset.

Why is it so effective? It takes just Seconds to set up! Learn at home, at work, anywhere! Completely mobile and lightweight! Fits in a golf bag! You can know if you’re doing it right!

How is this different from other swing trainers? All other swing trainers try to only improve either accuracy or distance individually where the UST does both together and all at once. The UST works on letting a person FEEL the correct positions in the golf swing instead of wondering “am I in the right spot?” I don’t believe any teacher in the world, even the best, can do what this can do for you as far as feeling the correct movements in the swing and improve you so quickly. Testing shows: that The Ultimate Swing Trainer® uses and recruits 20% more explosive muscle fibers that any other golf specific training in the world. We know this is the last swing trainer you will ever buy!


What am I getting when I purchase The Ultimate Swing Trainer®?

The Product: Our Cutting Edge material is INCREDIBLY flexible, Durable, Strong and has Perfect Recoil for Golf! (22 attempted prototypes) Amazing! You need the perfect product for the program to work! Easy for anyone! Good for right and left handed!

The Program: A 20 page Manual on the Evolution of Training, Key Golf Swing Positions, Synergistic effect, Testing, World Class training information, Confirmations, Secret to Speed and Distance, Step by Step Photos and the “Bauman Drill.”

Training Guide and DVD: Helps you to perform Mechanics/Speed and Endurance/Strength to help you with Accuracy and Distance at the SAME TIME. It is completely safe and great for any age Amateurs, PGA Professionals, Touring Pros & Longdrivers.



We 100% Guarantee Results!


The Ultimate Swing Trainer® is the ONLY PRODUCT AND PROGRAM IN THE WORLD that gives you “a perfect combination of Swing Mechanics and Endless Power!”


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