After college, I became a PGA Class A Professional and taught many lessons to thousands of students. I noticed a lot of students got better with the lessons, but I wanted to help them more. I began looking for the key position or positions that I could show students to help them improve.  I showed them pictures from some of the top players in the world and three positions that all of them had in common. They are Swing Plane, Angle of Power and Impact.  All players have unique backswings and positions on top, but they all eventually shift their weight and re-route the club back onto the Swing Plane.  Let’s talk about these positions:

The First position is Swing Plane or in this sequence of photos, the RED line.  As you can see, the backswing did not follow the Swing Plane going back, BUT the club was then re-routed back parallel to the red line on the downswing. This is a Two Plane Swing because the Backswing did not match the Swing Plane or the Red line. A One Plane Swing is one that stays parallel to or on the red line on the backswing, downswing and the follow-through. Whether you have a One or Two Swing Plane, The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will help you ALWAYS get back onto Swing Plane.  The simplest way to describe Swing Plane to students is that when the club is on its downswing (3rd photo) toward the ball, the bottom of the grip of the club is pointing at the ball. This position produces a repeatable swing and straight shots. The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will put you on Swing Plane every time in your downswing when it counts! If you go off Swing Plane it will IMMEDIATELY make you feel it and put you back there. (It’s literally impossible to go off Swing Plane, unless you want to hurt yourself). The Ultimate Swing Trainer® 100% eliminates the dreaded OVER THE TOP move!

The Second Position that all good players have is the wrist hinge/angle between the forearm and the wrist or the Lag/Angle of Power. This “cocking” position is key to distance and accelerating the club through the ball and down the target line. Without this angle, you have NOT stored up any “load” or power to hit the ball with any speed. With this angle, you will have tremendous power to bomb the ball!

The Ultimate Swing Trainer® can and will solve the questions in your head:  “Do I have the proper forearm to wrist angle?  Do I feel the power or load?  Do I have the angle of Power/LAG?.” I guarantee you will feel the Angle of Power every time you swing while you are training, and create superior Muscle Memory in your golf swing.  Also, notice the lower body weight shift, moving from the back foot to the front foot. The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will solve the problem of Reverse weight shift! It takes your whole body to hit the ball and The Ultimate Swing Trainer® makes you use your whole body to create the Muscle Memory you need to play incredible golf. 


The Last Position is Impact or the “Moment of Truth.” Now let’s see if everything you did during the swing translates into a long straight shot at your target. Is your wrist flat? Did you shift your weight? Did you release the club properly? The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will train your muscles to do this every time and create the Ultimate Muscle Memory.  When you finally hit the course, you can have power and accuracy, but most importantly your swing becomes Automatic. All of the top players do this during their swings, and you should be able to do it too. The Ultimate Swing Trainer® allows you to get in the perfect position for your swing plane and teaches you to swing correctly with more speed guaranteed! 


Here is where it gets exciting!!!!

Think of this: If you know that the club is doing all three positions Swing Plane, Angle of Power and Impact by training with The Ultimate Swing Trainer® (Now this is fundamentally & mechanically correct) and you know it’s going to do it Automatically; then you can train the body to swing faster and still know that it’s going to go down the middle!  Wouldn’t that be amazing!

That is what The Ultimate Swing Trainer® was designed to do! No one has ever been able to train the body with PERFECT Golf swing mechanics, while at the same time, develop Strength and Speed at the same time. 

We are proud to be the First in the World!

Remember: If you train to go faster with other products, but it won’t go straight,


If you train to go straighter with other products, but it won’t go farther,


The Ultimate Swing Trainer® is the Only product in the World to combine Perfect Mechanics of the Golf Swing with Endless Power!



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