We HAVE “The Secret” or the “Missing Element” to Distance!!!


It’s called The Ultimate Swing Trainer®. A Revolutionary way to train the body to give you the distance you want to pound it off the tee, but still the accuracy of a low handicapper.  After many prototypes and many tests our PATENTED product and training has proven time and time again to work exactly as expected and give you the results you desire. Our product has exceptional wear resistance, flexibility, strength and will hold up to the hardest workouts.


No one in the world has this but us!


“The product is simply THEE best
golf training and teaching device on the market today!”
(15 year PGA Professional)


Use The Ultimate Swing Trainer® only 2 - 3 times a week for just 30 minutes + See the Incredible Results!


“Easy to Learn with instant feedback! There is NO comparison
to other golf training aids out there!”
(30 year PGA Professional)



I want you to reach your goals and reach your maximum potential! I want my former PGA Professional friends and teachers to use The Ultimate Swing Trainer® to help themselves and their students get better!

 I want ALL golfers to hit it farther and straighter with The Ultimate Swing Trainer® and get the satisfaction of getting from tee to green with no problem and truly enjoy golf!


I want everyone to use The Ultimate Swing Trainer® with confidence knowing that it has been thought through with the aspects of accuracy and distance working hand in hand to produce the best shots humanly possible!


Here’s what’s included:

* Revolutionary one of a kind The Ultimate Swing Trainer® Product 

* You Learn “The Secret” to Distance

* Step by Step Training Guide

* Weekly “Training Day” Schedule.   


I’m so excited to be able to share with you my passion and The Ultimate Swing Trainer® product.



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