Back in 2002, I put my first Ultimate Swing Trainer® to the test.  I began hitting specific clubs: 9 iron (145yds), 5 iron (185yds), 5 wood (235yds), driver (285yds) and tracking their distances.  They were good distances, but not great.  Then I started my training by swinging with a weighted club and noticed I was getting a little longer, but not that much.  I did that for about 2 months every other day and I seemed to have maxed out on distance at 3 yards, which isn’t much.

Next, I incorporated my training with my new prototype, The Ultimate Swing Trainer® in conjunction with it. The strength training was helping me hit the ball a little farther, but when I combined it with The Ultimate Swing Trainer®, I was very happy with the results!  I did the program for 30 days and gained another five yards with my irons and over seven yards with my woods.  I wanted to see what would happen if I did it for a longer period of time.  About six months later, I kept watching my ball go farther and farther going from 300 to 315 to 330 yards!  It was crazy!  But what I liked was that I kept hitting it straight too because of always having the technical swing in mind with The Ultimate Swing Trainer®.

People kept asking me what I was doing, but I didn’t want to tell them just yet.  At the end of that year, my buddy said, “You should try that long drive competition next month.”  I thought, “Why not? Let’s see how long I am?”  To everyone’s shock, including my own, I won the event.  I continued to train for another six months and qualified for the 2002 Re/Max World Long Drive Championship and finished 11th in the World!  I had a drive that measured 382 yards, which was one of the longest of the event. But what I was most proud of was that I put four out of six balls in the grid (a 40 yard wide landing area) for seven rounds in a row.


(I understand this probably isn’t your goal, but set your personal goals high
because this program and The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will get you there.)


After eight years of not competing/playing golf in order to raise my three boys with my wife, I decided to compete in Long Drive again.  A lot of people had no idea who I was anymore, and I began training with my system again in my basement.  I did the same workout and I immediately saw the results just like before, and I was hitting the ball long and straight again.  About nine months later, I qualified with a 430 yard drive to make it back to Worlds.  I didn’t do as well as I would have liked at the 2011 Worlds, but at the age of 40, I hit the longest drive of my life at the Pro Am the next day.  With my power (plus the addition of wind and roll), my drive was an unbelievable 482 yards!  I’m pretty proud of that, but a little voice in my head said its time to bring it out of the basement.  I knew it was time to tell the world what I know about distance and to introduce my product!

You are going to benefit from my former PGA teaching background, my athletic training in various sports and my quest to become World Long Drive Champion. You will get this one of kind professionally endorsed program and patented product that is guaranteed to help you!

I had found my purpose – to help everyone play better golf!



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